Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring works are coming! :)

Hello there! I thought that I should say something in English too :) I have posted only in Finnish lately, I have a Finnish blog here. So..I feel so lucky because I have a studio AND my own little shop now. Old buildings are somehow just so relaxing, and it's a great pleasure to go to work every day. Christmas time in the shop was very busy, and great fun! :) I am surprised and grateful that so many people have found my shop already, and many of them have visited many times already :)

I have been very busy with my spring collection. I have some works ready already, like these:

This is "Candy Day" (Karkkipäivä):) I don't if you have ever heard of candy day, but it is common in Finland that children have candy day once a week, usually it's saturday. Then you can eat (huge amounts of) candy! :) This little fox has such a huge lollipop, that he can share it with friends :) Candy day is, or was, recomended because it is not so good for you teeth, or for your health in general, to eat candy every day. I think that it's a fun and sort of nostalgic tradition, and we have also candy day with our girls :)

This one is "Guardian Angel of The Frog Prince" (Sammakkoprinssin suojelusenkeli). Many people have asked for a frog card, and here it is! :) You can tell that this frog has some kind of a secret, he smiles like he has one! :) The little guardian angel is a little uppset, because she couldn't protect him, and now he is a frog. But the frog prince doesn't mind, because he knows that although he may seem like a frog, inside of him are the most beautiful things!

I will be posting the new works in Flickr, here, when I get them ready (and when I have the courage to do so! :) New works will be available as postcards and prints in about two months.

I try to write more often in here also from now on! I hope that we see again soon! :)