Thursday, June 18, 2009

All back together again

My husband and our two daughters were visiting grandparents for a couple of days, but now they are back home again, yay! I enjoy very much being alone too, but being alone TOO long don't suit me, infact it brings out the worst in me :) I eat too much chocolate, stay up too late, get way too emotional and worried about everything, and spend way too much time just day dreaming. I need to have someone to kick my but from time to time! :)

So to celebrate this happy home coming I decided to introduce them to you
Here we are in co-ordinated colors :D This is SUCH a rare occasion that the pic dates back to 2005...usually we run around in T-shirts that have been washed way too many times :D

My husband (Juha) is holding our younger daughter ( Temppu from now on, her nickname :) born 2004 and on my left our older daughter (Raksu, her nickname, born 2000)

And here we are again, last in co-ordinated facial expressions, sort of... :D

We visit this amusement park every year, and have decided to take this same kind of picture every time :) Fun way to see how we have changed, children keep growing up but me and Juha just stay as childish, I hope :D

We are celebrating midsummer tomorrow, I will spend my time away from the computer, but I'll be back soon enough, see you then!


  1. Ihania perhepotretteja :)!!! Kiva nähdä sinut!

    Hauska yhteensattuma sillä minullakin on 2 lasta, tosin poikia... ja he ovat syntyneet 2000 ja 2004.

    Mukavaa ja rentoa juhannusta teille koko perheelle... me suuntaamme huomenna juhannushäihin :)!

  2. Kiitos Memmu! Aah, juhannushäät, ihanan suomalaiskansallista! :)

  3. So nice to see all of you together !
    You have a beautiful family
    and I know what you mean about being alone .
    I like to be alone ... but not for too long , then I get very lonely .