Thursday, June 25, 2009

In our kitchen

Because the lack of proper working place for me at the moment, I am doing my work on our kitchen's a good thing that the weather is so good, we can enjoy our meals in garden :) Between packing orders and designing new chrismas cards I did a whole lot of wall stareing :D
And this is how they look:
The numbers are a fleamarket find. Great find, I payed only 2€ for all of them!!(thats about $2.80) They have been up there a few years now. In the old window frame is a picture of Finnish old time movie stars: Eino Kaipainen and Ansa Ikonen, clipped from an old magazine cover. I loved old Finnish black and white -movies when I was a little girl, oh so romantic :)

This is our medicine cabinet, old one that my father-in-law has done, and I renewed it a little :) On top of it are also some fleamarket finds.

On top here is my first attempt with a latch hook, some rags and burlap...I made it about 10 years ago, and it was great fun! Underneath it an other fleamarket find. Well these were the nice parts :), now I have to get back to work, see you!


  1. Beautiful! Those numbers are awesome, and I love the way you displayed them!

  2. Thank you Amy! I don't know what it is with the numbers but they can really make a room prettier :)

  3. I love this space! the numbers are magnificent!! that was the find of the century!! xox...jenn

  4. Thank you Jenn! Yep, finds like this are so much fun! Great that you have found my blog! I actually read yours too, and I love it, but I have been too shy for leaving comments :)