Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is my work :)

I have been calling my retail customers, signing prints, packing orders...

and gessoing plywood panels, that I use as backround for my collages...

This is what I love about my work! I can do so many things that I like: connecting with people, selling and creating. Downsides are that I'm doing it all by myself (and on my kitchen table) :D Luckily I have a darling husband that supports me always and helps where ever he can.

I hope that you have/had a great working day today (or holiday-day, if you are so lucky :)


  1. The cooking pigs are one of my favorite prints. Hard to believe it all starts from a piece of plywood and some gluey paint. :)

  2. Nice to know that you like my work Sara :) Yes, it is kind of a mystery to me too sometimes, how the works come out the way they do. Usually I start with lot of stuff, and then I take almost everything away, and there it is :)