Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midsummer fun

We celebrated midsummer quite in the traditional Finnish way: at a summer cottage, in freezing and rainy weather :). It included going to sauna, swimming (too cold for me though :) and eating grilled food. And of course playing outdoor games, like 'Mölkky' (in the pic) Rules are that you throw a wooden block and try to hit these with numbers and you aim to get 50 points (okay that was the short version... :) I am really bad at this, as in all outdoor games that require some motoric skills :) I am really not a outdoor type of person at all! But my husband is, and he would like to go hiking and stuff like that...he has trained me a little bit over the years, and last summer I slept 3 weeks IN A TENT! Can hardly believe it myself :) Actually it WAS fun, and maybe we are going camping this year also :)

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